About the Company

Company profile

I want to thank you for your interest in the George Abuzeid & Company.  Founded over 50 years ago, George Abuzeid & Co. has enjoyed significant growth since our inception, and I am pleased to have been a part of this success. 

Although much has changed in Jordan since then, certain principles have remained the same; our customers still expect the highest quality products and the best service. George Abuzeid & Co. is committed to those expectations, and I believe that it is because we have persisted in remaining true to our principles that George Abuzeid & Co. remains a trusted name. 
As we welcome in a new era for our company, our aim is to not only meet, but exceed the expectations of the market.  In achieving this, George Abuzeid & Co. will continue to bring the finest products worldwide. In closing, I want to invite all of you to share in the great things to come, and to thank all of you who have contributed to our company’s success.
George Abuzeid
CEO & Founder

Our History

Our history began in 1949 when George Abuzeid & Co. was established as an automotive spare parts importer and wholesaler. Since then, our reputation has grown across both the local and foreign markets for our professionalism in dealing with both clients and suppliers alike.

In 1976, George Abuzeid & Co. branched into the furniture industry. In the last four decades, George Abuzeid & Co. has established itself as a leader in both auto parts and office furnishing in Jordan , serving many of Jordan’s leading organizations.

In 2014 and to better serve our customers in Iraq, we established LONG ROAD Company in Erbil and therefore we were able to respond to the requirements of the Iraqi market quickly and professionally.


Our Vision ...
We aim to be the leading company in the automotive spare parts industry in Jordan and to expand our presence in the Iraqi market by achieving the highest level of client satisfaction.

Our Mission ...
In realizing our vision, George Abuzeid & Co. aims to serve our clients with the best quality and value-tailored goods and service that fulfills their needs and trends at the right price, while paying special attention to the welfare of our staff and clients.

Our Values ...

We stand by certain core values, which are the driving force behind our business.
Relationships: we put people first, whether it's the relationships with our staff, clients or suppliers.
Openness: we run our businesses transparently as a model that our customers, suppliers, management, and staff can look up to.
Fairness: we treat each customer equally with the utmost respect.


Our Promise

We recognize that our customer’s future is our own future, and so we invest in their success as much as in our own. We place a unique emphasis on this, providing educational product seminars for our customers so they will gain the greatest benefit from our products, and even sending customers for educational tours with our manufacturers.

Our partners know that our promise is more than words – it’s a record of our actions.